Employees paid to do nothing

For many companies, time loss in the workplace is a difficult phenomenon to manage. In 2014, a survey conducted by the American website salary.com revealed that 89% of employees lost time at work. An alarming rate, which could prove to be even higher for the year 2017.

What's the waste of time?  If your employees are knitting on their lunch hour, listening to music during their 15-minute break or talking to each other on the way to a meeting, it's not a waste of time. Here are the top 5 ways to waste time at work, according to Gene Marks, president of the Marks Group:

  1. personal text messages and emails
  2. social networks
  3. sports websites
  4. games on smart devices
  5. online shopping

Do you frequently witness these uses by your employees during working hours? We can help.  Our company has a results-oriented candidate selection process in place. Being paid for the hours worked and your satisfaction, our consultants allow you to restructure or eliminate a position where the time loss rate is too high.

When the cause is known for a loss of time at work, it becomes easier to implement the tools to produce a change.  However, in some situations, the reasons go beyond the employee's own understanding.

We work with all stakeholders to ensure that all potential is fully exploited.  As an employer, you may feel overwhelmed by some worrying situations. Padi's solution can help you take over the management of your human resources, labour relations, health and safety and even administration. Don't wait for your disciplinary files to turn into a disability.  Make an appointment now with one of our consultants by calling 450-934-6440.

Padi’s (10) solutionThe right solution to all your workplace problems.

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