Work-Family and Life Balance

Since the end of the last century, the number of women in the labour market has increased considerably. In addition, men are more involved with their families. These facts have inevitably placed many employees in a situation where they have had to link their work life to their family life. Indeed, this reconciliation requires, among other things, concessions and choices. In fact, it results in absences for many employees. In order to reduce absenteeism at work, and at the same cost the impact on work performance, the solution is often to bring work home and finish what is needed outside of work hours, without being paid for the extra time. However, the fact remains that absenteeism is a source of stress since it disrupts work schedules and productivity. It results in a loss of money for the employee in question, the organization he or she works for, and the economy itself.

Long term impacts

'' Moreover, the responses suggest that several dimensions of family and personal life are likely to be affected by tensions related to lack of time, including physical health (stress, overwork, lack of sleep, etc.), psychological health (suffocating feeling of being locked into a routine, inability to relax and enjoy oneself, etc.), and emotional life (reduced contact with family and friends, etc.). "(Pour une meilleure articulation des temps sociaux tout au long de la vie : L'aménagement et la réduction du temps de travail, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Éditions Saint-Martin, 2013, 470 pages, p. 372) This reflects data on the perception of time among people in the 25 to 44 age group who worked full-time in Canada in 2005.

Repeated absences would prevent the employee from performing the duties of the position properly. A promotion will have to be forgotten because the reliability of his or her presence is not assured. An increase in salary is less since it depends on performance. An eventual loss of customers could also occur because the repetition of an absence would show negligence in customer service. At the family level, it is obvious that parental presence must be more present in terms of quantity but also quality. The days off will be used to rest and get up to date with household chores in the home rather than to go out. On a personal level, physical and mental health are destabilized, affecting the immune system as well as work performance and social relationships.


           The various reasons that force an employee to be absent from work may leave a mark on his or her file. It is obvious that certain situations require priorities and organization, otherwise the consequences will soon appear. It is possible to make things easier by being part of the Padi's solution team that promotes work-family balance in a modern and professional way.

By Jolly Sabbagh

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