We increase your sales and improve contact with your current customers. Padi’s qualified agents set up campaigns tailored to your business and your vision.


We maximize and optimize your appointment scheduling. We facilitate your recruitment process. Your experts achieve your goals further.


Making Appointments
Sale of your products and services
Receiving your incoming and outgoing calls
Follow-up of your files
Support in your recruitment
Other related tasks


42 customer service specialists
8 sales specialists
3 human resources professionals
1 professional in continuous improvement
1 accounting specialist

Lack of time to do it? Rely on us !

Customer testimonial 

This partnership has allowed us to focus on improving the quality of our services. By leaving the care of its customer service expertise, Padi’s has enabled us to increase our contacts with customers. 

- Brunel, Café Montréal

Customer testimonial

Dedicated and available consultant! Professionalism and rigor. Its initiatives have facilitated the procedures in place while making them more efficient. My daily life has become lighter.

- Caroline, Fenêtres Magistral

partenariat Innovation RH Inc.