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Who are we

General partnership offering services to SMEs and large companies.

Our history

In business since 2014, but known as Padi’s creation since 2009, we have stood out for our professionalism and loyalty. All mandates entrusted have been executed with meticulousness and respect of deadlines. 

In several languages ​​like Indonesian and Hawaiian, Padi means rice. Rice is a basic food source in many populations around the world. Padi defines the company by its services that can be offered internationally and its team made up of members from various fields and sectors.

Our vision

There are many ways to reach goals. Do you work with the right one? No matter howwe make sure that finally be positive.

We treat each mandate according to its particularity, with rigor and attention to detail. As you are a key player in our success, our team remains attentive to your needs at all times.

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